I’m Joel Rochester, a bisexual biracial teenage book blogger, social media content creator, traveller of the fictional worlds, advocate for diverse literature, and self-titled Prince of Stories.

I aim to have as many titles as Daenerys Targaryen so I think this is a good start. It’s so nice to meet you!


Launched in 2017, Fictional Fates is my Internet Kingdom where I talk about books; reading and writing them. I also talk about a few other subjects that are important to me, sharing my thoughts on diverse representation, self-care, and mental health.

My main goal is to help readers find awesome books to read through my reviews whilst also chatting about my favourite characters and books through themed blog posts. I want to help writers hone their craft through writing articles about my own experiences of writing and how some things have helped me along my journey.

Overall, I hope that Fictional Fates will grow into a blog filled with resources for readers and writers alike.

Without his books, his room felt like a body with its hearts cut out.

— Laini Taylor, Strange the Dreamer

I’m a dedicated bibliophile (book dragon), a writer and I hope to continue dedicating my life to books.

My lifetime aspiration is to become a published author, hopefully publishing one of the many stories I have in my head.

I also want to read a lot of books but that means I’d have no time for the fifty other hobbies that I have. The most noteworthy ones, in my opinion, would be researching mythology, astrology, and astronomy; learning about computers; video gaming; home decoration; and baking.

A Bit of Background

As a young child, I loved reading and became enamored by the worlds that I explored. They fed into my creativity and I began dreaming of my own worlds, with my own characters that I would take on wild adventures. These characters were much like myself, for I didn’t have the luxury of seeing characters like myself when I was younger. I wrote my very first novel when I was 13 for NaNoWriMo and it was terrible, you will never see that novel, haha! But, I knew from then writing stories was something I wanted to pursue

Now that I am older and more diverse books by marginalized authors are now being published, I’ve made it my own personal goal to ensure that these stories are shared with the world. Children should be able to see themselves in literature that’s being published in order for them to know that they matter, and they’re worth showing in the pages of books. Also, I want to write stories that I would’ve wanted to read as a child, but also stories that include many of the things that I love. I want to write mainly fantasy novels (I do have some ideas for contemporary) about diverse characters and sharing their stories while kicking some serious ass, with my current works in progress being just that.

Some of my faves

This list will inevitably grow but for now, indulge yourself in the picks I’ve listed below!

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor
Heart of Mist by Helen Scheuerer
Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao

Fun Facts About Me

1) I’m from Wales and we have a dragon on our flag. I will breathe fire at you if angered.

2) I’m an INFJ, Ravenclaw and will always be forever drowning in my TBR pile.

3) Coffee! Tea! Red Velvet Cake! Hot beverages and desserts are just the bomb.com.

4) I play a lot of video games. I will not hesitate to destroy you in Overwatch. I’m also a keen player of TES, Dragon Age and The Sims.

5) I’ve won NaNoWriMo five times, that’s at least 250,000 words written over four years!

6) I’m a lover of Korean Dramas. Hwayugi, Mirror of The Witch or My Love From the Star anyone?

7) I listen to all kinds of music but my favourites are video game music, the Game of Thrones soundtracks and Korean pop


  • Denise Turney

    July 7, 2018 at 6:39 pm

    Appreciate your love of books and how you share your love of literature with others. Reading your blog takes me back to when I was a teen and dozens of books a week. Today, I'm a novelist and freelance writer who still loves books but who doesn't read as much as she did when she was younger. Keep up the great work! Books are life changing, life empowering, live improving!

  • Meg Christine

    February 4, 2018 at 7:25 pm

    Hi Joel, I am so happy to have found your blog not only because you appear to like similar books to me, but also because I am already rooting for you and your writing! I used to write a lot when I was younger, and though I still enjoy it as a hobby I ultimately feel that it is not the profession for me. Anyway, I am very excited to follow your blog and read more of your reviews! Megan Lian https://megchristinelian.wordpress.com

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