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First things first, I’d like to apologize for the lack of titles that my projects have because I suck at coming up with titles. I might have a working title though but since I am one of the most indecisive people in the world, it will probably not remain for long. But to make up for it, each of my projects has a nice aesthetic Pinterest board you can look at!

Project #1

Working Title: A Mirror of Smoke
Series: This is the first book in a series.
Current Stage: First draft written.
Thematic Statement: “Be who you are, not who you’re expected to be.”

This is partly a combination of my NaNo 2015 & 2016 novels, since they both spawned from the same idea. Since then, more perspectives have been added and I love the story much more. I’m hoping to write the first draft in July (with Camp NaNoWriMo) then edit it continuously throughout the rest of the year.

  • Asha has struggled to keep her family alive from a drought that has cursed her land. But, when the opportunity arises for Asha to get revenge on the person she hates most, she can’t resist taking that chance. However, the exact same person might bring her the salvation she desperately needs.

    When Kaiah’s twin brother is murdered, she takes the opportunity to escape her arranged marriage and assume his identity. Taking his seat upon the Valiath Council, Kaiah is determined to find her brother’s killer. But, she quickly learns that masks are worn as deadly games are played within this court of lies. With the assailant closer than she thinks, Kaiah will have to outsmart her brother before she becomes just like him.

    Corvus’ path to becoming a Meraki becomes more complicated with every step he takes. When an unexpected Master Scholar takes Corvus under her wing, he discovers that he possesses a rare magic thought lost. With his life becoming even more complicated, Corvus will have to act quick, if he wants to prevent himself being used as a weapon for war.

    However when the situation becomes dire, the three of them work together to stop a threat that could kill them all.

Project #2

Working Title: Throne for the Undead
Series: This is the first book in a duology.
Current Stage: Shelved (General Premise written)

This story came about partially because of my fascination with destiny and the stars. There’s also been one or two korean dramas that inspired some elements in this story which has enriched the drama (hahaha). But I should mention, this story is a dark one filled with betrayal and deceit. The world does not forgive, and it does not forget.

  • Blurb coming soon

Project #3

Working Title: The Dream Prince
Series: This is the first book series.
Current Stage: Plotting – NaNoWriMo 2017
Thematic Statement: To be decided

This story is a gay Sleeping Beauty retelling inspired by my love of the stars and also prophecies! I also wanted to write a retelling of one of my favourite stories growing up while portraying Maleficent in a nicer light than the original tale did. Maleficent isn’t the villain in this story, they do play a vital role however.

  • Prince Khenan was raised to believe that he was an icon that would defeat a great evil, the Kingdom of Teijo’s prince who was placed under a sleeping curse by the demigod Maleficent. However, after he learns that the prophecy is false and that Teijo’s prince is part of the key to defeating the forthcoming evil, Khenan vows to escape his palace and trek across the world to Teijo. There, he will awake the prince before the curse ends his life. Even if that means finding Maleficent in their isolation to attempt to learn of the antidote to the curse.

    Prince Naito’s eighteenth birthday is nearing. After learning how to walk within people’s dreams, he’s been able to experience life through the lives of others. But now that the curse has begun it’s hunt for Naito, he must journey across the dreamworld to hide. With his death incoming, he’ll have to trust his own imagination to guide him through the dreamworld to Khenan, the first dreamer he visited.

    With both Princes racing against the clock, will Khenan be able to awaken Naito before the curse claims him? Even then, will they be able to face against the unknown evil coming towards them? When the clock strikes twelve on their eighteenth birthday, they have to be ready.

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