Life of a Bookworm
Facing Our Struggles Head On

Reading books is one of my greatest joys in life and because of it, I’ve become what’s known as a bookworm. Although, I’d rather have names such as a book dragon or maybe even my self-proclaimed title of Prince of Stories. (I aspire to have a throne of books)

We as bookworms are terrifying, not only because our minds are richer because of our widened vocabulary, but also because we have the power to take over the world! But for now, let’s resume our usual position in hiding reading our books.

Lately, I’ve been met with a series of struggles which I’ve led to believe is because I’m a bookworm. A normal struggle is fine but dealing with a bookish struggle is like magic, almost hard to comprehend. Although being a bookworm is great, there are some things that all bookworms hate, and I thought it’d be fun to list the good and bad aspects. Why? Because addressing the problem is the first step to the solution!

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Bookworm Pros

1 / We live in more than one world

When we read books, we’re invited and enticed to explore worlds that aren’t like our own. Even in a contemporary setting, we see the world through someone else’s eyes and gain a different perspective. In Fantasy and Sci-Fi, we get to explore worlds that we don’t know and gaze upon the beautiful maps that are at the front of the book. (THOSE MAPS ARE GLORIOUS) We are shown magic, science and things that we never thought were possible.

Exploring these worlds has enriched my imagination like never before and I’m so thankful for that because I still haven’t given up my dream of being a dragon tamer.

At times like these, I’m also reminded of this quote from the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

We’re so fetch. (yes I’m still trying to make fetch happen)

2 / We’ll never run out of reading material

abibliophobia - the fear of running out of reading material.

Luckily, abibliophobia is something we’ll never have to worry about due to the fact that there are tons of books being released every day. There are so many books that I want to read that my TBR pile is practically endless. I wonder how long it would take me to put in a word doc or a Goodreads shelf all the books that I want to read. (by the way, you should totally friend me on goodreads) Perhaps, a week or two?

Although, unless I find the key to immortality then I’ll perhaps never read all the books I want to.

3 / You can make so many friends with just a book

The friends that I’ve made through my love of reading has been astounding. I’ve met so many amazing, thoughtful people who care and are accepting of others and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

For example, I wore a Ravenclaw badge during an access course at a University and so many people came up to me and started discussing Hogwarts Houses and Harry Potter with only a small few not having read the books!

Bookish Friends who read together, take over the world together.

4 / We can celebrate our fandoms in so many ways!

Ever heard of bookish merch? There are so many ways to physically display your love for books including buying candles, wax melts, a bookmark inspired by the series, perfume, pillows AND SO MUCH MORE. My personal favourites are candles because there’s nothing like walking into a room smelling of your favourite book boyfriend/girlfriend. Or y’know, the atmosphere of your favourite bookish setting.

5 / Books are great decor pieces

Books on the side table, in a bookcase or as a throne! You can use books to decorate your space in so many ways. (I’ve also begun to realise I talk like a salesperson on tv) I remember using my TBR pile as a side table to hold my coffee while I watched some anime on my laptop.

Didn’t work out well when the pile fell over but in terms of light items, it should be ok!

For decor, they can attract attention and can even be interesting conversation starters! Such as, “Hey, why those books look nice on that table!”

6 / There are opportunities to see yourself in stories

With the number of diverse books that have been coming out recently, there has never been such an opportunity for readers to find and read stories where they can see themselves and resonate with the heroes. Although there are definitely some marginalisations that are underrepresented, a platform has started to be built for diverse authors to share their diverse stories.

Bookworm Cons

1 / Running Out of Shelf Space

One of the major problems that I’m facing at the moment. I’ve resorted to piling books on my desk, on my bedside table and around my bookcases and it’s still not enough. The struggle is real, and unless I get bookcases soon, I will be overrun in a sea of books. (imagine the paper cuts!)

Running out of shelf space is perhaps one of the worst things to happen to a bookworm. This is possibly due to their future books not having a proper home to be in. However, using books as decor pieces or simply buying more shelves will resolve this problem! Or, if you’re feeling adventurous you can find another way to display your books!

2 / Choosing what to read next

It’s almost impossible to make a confident choice in what to read next unless you’ve been planning it for months. *cough* Strange the Dreamer and I earlier this year. *cough* Finding what book you’re in the mood for or what series to continue can be so hard and a daunting choice!

However, by using a TBR jar to randomly decide what you’re going to read next OR binge reading a series will make it easier.

3 / Waiting for a sequel

When I finish a great book, I’m always excited to read the sequel and I immediately come up with theories and solutions to the protagonist’s problems. Then, I realise that the book isn’t going to be out until the next year. There’s a brief period where I begin to ache with the knowledge that I’ll have to wait for so long to begin another book of that series but to remedy the problem, I always find talking to people about the book is something that’s awesome. BUT IF NO ONE HAS READ THE BOOK, CONVINCE THEM!

Otherwise, fill up the time with reading other books. To ensure that you don’t forget the book, put it on your anticipated reads for next year shelf or pre-order it and be pleasantly surprised when it ends up on your doorstep! Also, reread the book before the sequel comes out so that you’re primed and ready to go when it arrives.

Just know, it will be quite the wait.

nervous waiting

4 /  Running out of money to buy books

I’ve made a plan if I win the lottery. I’d buy all the books and a house to put them in. Then, fund a public library so that people can enjoy reading those books too for free! I think we can all agree that the look of our bank accounts after a bookshop is always a bad one. But, all of the stories inside are totally worth my money.

5 / End of a Series

NOPE. I WILL NOT SAY GOODBYE TO THE CHARACTERS I’VE INVESTED SO MUCH TIME IN. It was hard enough my first time when I had to say goodbye to all of the Harry Potter characters. Little did I know I’d have to do this more often than I thought. Saying goodbye at the end of every series that I finish. Even though it’s hard, we can just look forward to another series that the author produces.

It’s hard if the book is a standalone because if I want a sequel, there’s no chance it will happen. And that makes me just as sad.

chat with me

As a bookworm, has there been any struggles that you’ve encountered? Or, has there been any fond moments that you’ll always remember? Share them below and let’s talk about them together!

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  • Mia

    July 28, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    I can't stand it when I finish a series and poof all the characters are gone forever.

  • Savannah

    June 15, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    I'm somebody who is so scared to finish series I've literally finish only about 4. Which is a problem but I become terrified of everything being over and not being able to see the characters again.

    • Joel Rochester
      to Savannah

      June 16, 2017 at 4:36 pm

      YES! I feel the exact same way, but I feel that rereads are a way of still being able to see the characters. However, it just won't be a brand new story.

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