• Guilty As Charged
    Series I've Been Meaning To Start
    Version 1 - 2017

    As a reader, if I'm guilty of one thing it's that I haven't started series that I've been meaning to. I want to read all of the books, but that also means that my TBR pile is massive. I'm currently being drowned in my TBR but once I've discovered the secret to immortality, I'll finally beat it!

    It really bugs me too because I've bought many Book #1s of series but I just haven't started since they're deep in my TBR pile. I see a new series that I'm interested in and I'm immediately taken away by it but then if I even get to read the first book, I don't ever continue the series. Or, I'm never able to start the series when I want to.

    Hence, today's post is dedicated to a series of book series that I've been meaning to start but haven't. Read More

  • The Month of The Slump
    June Recap & July Releases

    June wasn't a very great month of reading for me. I read a grand total of one book, which was because of exams that happened during the month. But, that definitely didn't stop me from making progress in other areas this month. I managed to start a Creative Writing course, start my University applications and I'm looking forward to what the future brings this next school year. Read More

  • NaNoWriMo Survival Kit
    Tips to Success

    With Camp NaNoWriMo almost here, it can be daunting to begin your project on the 1st of the month.

    Over the four years I've partaken in NaNoWriMo, I've learned a few things about how to cope with the task of reaching your writing goals. NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo are such good ways at making progress on your writing project and I've found that it's substantially helped me become more productive.

    One amazing thing about both events is that there's such a large community of writers who take part during this. Many writers organise groups and sprints together during the month. It's just an awesome time to get to know other writers. Read More

  • Life of a Bookworm
    Facing Our Struggles Head On

    Reading books is one of my greatest joys in life and because of it, I've become what's known as a bookworm. Although, I'd rather have names such as a book dragon or maybe even my self-proclaimed title of Prince of Stories. (I aspire to have a throne of books)

    We as bookworms are terrifying, not only because our minds are richer because of our widened vocabulary, but also because we have the power to take over the world! But for now, let's resume our usual position in hiding reading our books.

    Lately, I've been met with a series of struggles which I've led to believe is because I'm a bookworm. A normal struggle is fine but dealing with a bookish struggle is like magic, almost hard to comprehend. Although being a bookworm is great, there are some things that all bookworms hate, and I thought it'd be fun to list the good and bad aspects. Why? Because addressing the problem is the first step to the solution! Read More

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